Seeing transience – a “spiritual exercise”

Mediatation 10.11 contains a possible example of a “spiritual exercise”:

Acquire the contemplative way of seeing how all things change into one another, and constantly attend to it, and exercise yourself about this part of philosophy. For nothing is so much adapted to produce magnanimity. Such a man has put off the body, and as he sees that he must, no one knows how soon, go away from among men and leave everything here; he gives himself up entirely to just doing in all his actions, and in everything else that happens he resigns himself to the universal nature.

Several inches of snow fell overnight in Essex, the first  (and possibly only) heavy snowfall of the winter. The tree branches were laden with snow this morning, the river was covered with thin ice (broken only by the tracks of swimming ducks), and the usual sounds were deadened by the blanket of snow. Contemplating impermance today has been an easy thing to do…

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